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December 23, 2017


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Simplify Your Life in 2018

If you haven't noticed, we're all about simple here at Dirty Knees Soap Co. I mean... when was the last time you ran across a high quality lotion that contains only 7 ingredients?!

I know, right?! Good luck, seriously.

Simple is good. Simple isn't complicated. Simple is relaxing. Simple is contented.

Eliminate the unnecessary and move towards a more peaceful, mindful, and productive way of life.

Here are my TOP 5 TIPS for LIVING SIMPLE:

  • Toss Excess Paper. Scan into a program like Evernote (we get no kickbacks from Evernote, but we are a loyal fan!) Having a hard time parting with your kids' artwork? Take a picture of it. Save to a folder, or... open an email account in your child's name and send it to that email address with a note. When your child is old enough to appreciate it, hand over the login info for the email.

  • De-Clutter Your Email Account. Turn off unnecessary notifications from social media and unsubscribe from newsletters you don't read. Use the search feature in your email to find all those "Amazon" notifications you haven't deleted, but don't need. Create filters for emails you need to categorize.

  • Do A Clean Sweep Of Your Closet. Donate items you no longer need and, for goodness sake, toss those irreparable socks and undies. 

  •  Step Away From The Online Calendars and To Do Lists. Don't get be wrong, smart phones certainly have their place. However, if you're anything like me... the smaller "I'll remember to do that" things get missed, which ultimately results in irritation, annoyance, and even disappointment. Who needs that?! Take 5 minutes and sit down at the end of the day with a piece of paper and a pencil. Write out your to-dos for the next day. For example, 1) order flowers for Gran, 2) call the groomer, 3) check the henhouse for eggs. The old adage that physically checking items off a list makes a person feel better... well, it still works!

  • Put Tasks On Auto-Pilot! These days, you can set up auto-payments for bills (no more late fees), have groceries delivered on a schedule, and even have your body products delivered automatically. Save 25% on your first auto-ship order. Use code DIRTY10 at checkout.



January 31, 2017


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Scratch, Sniff & Feel - Minnesota Wood

Do you have commitment issues? Wonder what our lotion feels like? How our soap performs? What it smells like? We got this...

Virtual Scratch, Sniff & Feel Party : Minnesota Wood

Minnesota Wood is our most popular scent. It's currently found in a bar soap, lotion, and body wash. A favorite of men, it's alluring to women as well (both on their men, and for themselves.)

Scratch 'N Sniff - Earthy, woody, and a little spicy. A warm scent that brings to mind an aged cabin in a dense forest.

Feel - Minnesota Wood Bar Soap and Body Wash will leave you feeling soft and clean. No squeak. The suds will surprise you! Minnesota Wood Lotion goes on soft, absorbs quickly, and doesn't leave you feeling greasy. That solid grip on your fishing rod will not be compromised. 


Stay turned for more Virtual Scratch, Sniff & Feel Parties and New Products!

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December 07, 2016


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It's beginning to look a lot like... STRESS!!

You've got a few gifts on hand... that suggestive pair of elephant boxers for your honey, the unicorn poop for little Jane... but, what (oh what!?) will you do for the rest?

We ask that you contemplate the following limerick:

There once was a frustrated parent,
Whose kids' bathing habits were errant.
They got Dirty Knees Soap,
The kids thought it was dope,
Musty stink then emerged as transparent.

When was the last time you knew a middle school boy who LOVED to shower. If that doesn't convince you that we've got something for everyone on your list, I don't know what will. If your gift recipients bathe (we're going to jump to a conclusion here and say that everyone on your list does)... we've got you covered.

Need help making a selection? Message us! If you're really stuck, may we suggest a Gift Card

With that... we wish you a happy, stress-free holiday season filled with lots of good, clean smells.

Holiday woman with long list
June 10, 2016


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A Fly-In Fishing Trip & Happy Father's Day!

It was a pre-kids, 3-day weekend in Canada. It was late August and unseasonably frigid. My two sisters, my brother, my Dad, and I, along with significant others, ventured out on a fly-in fishing trip. And by "fly-in" I'm not talking about flying a fishing lure into the water. I'm talking plane. Float plane. A little cabin in the woods. Eight adults in bunk beds. No cell phones, no plumbing, and one change of clothes.

If you haven't tried it, I highly recommend adding it to your bucket list. Seriously! It was a little dirty, but duh... we can fix that!

Use code FATHERSDAY2016 for 15% OFF through June 30th.

Note: the above picture is NOT representative of this specific trip, as you'll quickly discover, per the following story.

One afternoon, my Dad and I hopped into a boat and ventured out onto the dangerously choppy water to catch dinner. 

Woah!! In no time, I had a big one on the line. I was convinced the rod was going to break in two. My Dad was standing ready with the net. "This is a big one," he noted. His no-nonsense voice exuded only the slightest hint of pure excitement with a little grin thrown in for good measure. 

Just then, the fish took a dive under the boat. Afraid he was going to take me and the rod with him, I held on for dear life. SNAP!! The line broke. In the brief moment of disbelief that followed, the fish received an impromptu moment of silence for his (or her) well-fought fight.

NOTE: The following pic has nothing to do with the above story. But, if you're wondering where some of the fun and funk that is "Dirty Knees Soap Co." comes from, I think we can safely say, it runs in the family.

Happy Father's Day, Dad!

Use code FATHERSDAY2016 for 15% OFF through June 30th.

June 03, 2016


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Father's Day Gift Guide

Minnesota... home to 10,000 lakes, swarms of mosquitoes, and lots of awesome companies that make some great stuff. Here are just a few ideas for that special guy in your life.

    How much wood could a woodchuck chuck? Located in Minneapolis, MN, Woodchuck chucks. A lot! Journals, cuff links, business card holders, and more! 

    Dad will look hip and trendy in these threads from Sota Clothing.


    There's a lot brewing in Bemidji, MN. Pick up some Bemidji Brewing merch or drop by and buy your Dad a beer.

    Dad needs somewhere to store all these awesome gifts. Check out Duluth Pack.

    Dirty Knees Soap Co.'s Minnesota Wood product line. Duh! Soap, lotion, and body wash. Use code FATHERSDAY2016 to save 15%! 


Support your local MADE IN THE U.S.A. businesses! 

    May 16, 2016


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    What Kind Of Body Product Are You?

    We know you've been dying to find out... click "LET'S GO" below!

    And, now that you know... get yourself some product!

    April 19, 2016


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    Earth Day Tips - Go Green!

    1. Bring your bags! No, we're not talking about the ones under your eyes. We don't recommend flaunting those. Re-useable canvas bags are awesome. Not only are they washable, they won't split down the middle when the corner of your milk carton snags the bag.

    2. Create a compost bin. Cut down on garbage that ends up in the landfill and brew up some great gardening soil at the same time.

    3. Wash your clothes in cold water. Don't tell my husband, but I've been washing our clothes in cold water since I, well... since I started washing clothes. And, guess what. It works! I save the hot water for those middle-of-the-night barfing incidents.

    4. Walk or ride your bike. Get sweaty. We dare you. We can help you manage the stink. Have you tried our soap?

    5. Pay your bills online. Save a stamp, paper, the gas to deliver it... it's genius!

    6. Re-use, reduce, recycle. Wondering what you can re-use? Just ask a 5-year-old. They'll find a creative use for anything. Trust me, I have one. A 5-year-old, that is. Two, in fact. Yes, I have two. Twins.


    • You'll never see palm oil in our soap. Why, you ask? In short, we like orangutans and prefer that their habitats remain intact. There is a lot of controversy surrounding the use of palm oil and the deforestation caused as a result of its farming. It's not that we don't mind a little controversy... have you read some of our racy product descriptions? We just want everyone to be able to sleep nice and snug in the bed of their choice, whether it be a Serta or a tree-top nest composed of leaves and branches.

    • Our 8oz lotion bottles are aluminum, making them 100% recyclable.

    • Our products are made with a limited number of high-quality ingredients. When was the last time you used a lotion composed of less than 8 ingredients that actually worked... and worked well!

    • Our soap boxes are made from 100% recycled material. Heck, they'd probably make good fibrous material for your compost bin.

    Use code EARTHDAY2016 and save 20% on all orders through April 27th, 2016.



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