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Don't let this happen to you...

by Heidi Danos June 08, 2015

The Moment You Realize You're Out Of Soap!
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  • Get your favorite soap, lotion, or body wash delivered to your door on a schedule that YOU choose. Really dirty? Need lots of moisture? Get 'em once a month. Not so much... try every other month.

  • No commitments. No fees. Cancel anytime. We're that gem of a sweetheart that will let you go peacefully. No questions, no stalking.

  • Add or remove products from your plan at any time. 

  • Get a discount on EVERY shipment!

  • NEVER run out again! Whew. See? Doesn't that make you feel better?

  • Choose your favorite products and request a delivery schedule. It's simple!
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Heidi Danos
Heidi Danos


Owner, Dirty Knees Soap Co.

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