The Elimination Diet

Once upon a time, there was a woman. She married a handsome prince. They, along with their dog Dino, settled into a quaint little house with a white picket fence. Soon thereafter, they had twins! A boy and a girl. The woman's life suddenly became very stressful. She showered on an "as needed" basis and her lunches consisted of leftover macaroni and cheese along with the occasional crust of bread that gave her taste buds only the slightest inkling as to the peanut buttery goodness that was contained therein.

After several years, the woman's digestive system became overloaded with processed food, sugar, and half-eaten gummy treats. Waste not, want not. This caused the woman great agony. Her digestive system was in peril. 

As a last resort, and to much dismay, the woman, along with her doctor decided to launch a full-out attack by going on the offensive and trying an elimination diet. 

WHAT?!?!? Give up my coffee? My wine??? Are you deranged?!

After some consideration, the woman agreed. Her diet, for the next three weeks would consist purely of chicken, fish, turkey, vegetables, fruits, and nuts. She shrouded herself in animal hides, club in hand, and set off.

Here is what the woman discovered:

  • Simple is good. Great, in fact! Her digestive system was back on track.
  • It's NOT more expensive to eat well. In fact, it may even save you a buck or two.
  • Cooking isn't that big a chore. And, since you're cooking good tasting food that's also good for you, you won't mind eating it for lunch the next day. Cha-ching! 
  • Rice, avocado, grilled cauliflower and zucchini make for a pretty tasty "salad". Who knew?
  • Just say "NO" to lousy choices. You'll feel better. Guaranteed.

Sadly, grocery store shelves across the nation are stocked plum full of overly processed products and food with ingredient lists you need a scientific authority to help you decode. Don't fall for their ruse.

Quality over quantity. Stock up now

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Formulating Simple Choices

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