A Simple Summer

Ah... summer. A time to relax and enjoy the simple things.  

**Cue obnoxious record needle scratch as the pleasant music in your head comes to an abrupt halt.**

SIMPLE? SUMMER?!? Nonsense. On your mark, get set, GO! If you live in a variable climate like we do, you're already rushing from one activity to another. Gotta make good use of this weather. 

Flowers for the garden, kids softball games, golf with your buddies, camping with friends, a trip to visit the relatives... 

Here are a few tips to KYSS - Keep Your Summer Simple (or at least simpler):

  • Keep the kids busy! Make a list of handy activities for those, "Mom, I'm bored!" moments. For example: wash the car (a two for one!), make weed soup (from the weeds in the garden, of course), set up a bubble station with a large lemonade dispenser, find a four leaf clover... get creative.

  • Make sure your tent and camping gear are ready to go on a moment's notice. No need to miss those few relaxing moments you may have on a camping trip! Notice I said "may". I'm not making any guarantees. If you have kids, a dog... well, good luck. But, enjoy!

  • Leave the leaves. Honestly... I know Spring/Summer yard clean-up is a big deal but seriously, is anyone going to notice that last piles of leaves behind the bushes once said bushes finally sprout their leaves? Nope. Leave 'em be. I hear they make great nesting material for cute little animals.

  • Grill. A LOT! Save yourself the kitchen mess. Oh, and eat outside!

  • Shave with bar soap or body wash. No need to stock separate shaving cream/gel/whatnot. Our bar soap and body wash will do the job! Finish up with a little lotion and bam! You've just simplified (and probably shortened) your "get ready" time. More time to spend in the beautiful outdoors wrestling with tent poles.

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