Scratch, Sniff & Feel - Minnesota Wood

Do you have commitment issues? Wonder what our lotion feels like? How our soap performs? What it smells like? We got this...

Virtual Scratch, Sniff & Feel Party : Minnesota Wood

Minnesota Wood is our most popular scent. It's currently found in a bar soap, lotion, and body wash. A favorite of men, it's alluring to women as well (both on their men, and for themselves.)

Scratch 'N Sniff - Earthy, woody, and a little spicy. A warm scent that brings to mind an aged cabin in a dense forest.

Feel- Minnesota Wood Bar Soap and Body Wash will leave you feeling soft and clean. No squeak. The suds will surprise you! Minnesota Wood Lotion goes on soft, absorbs quickly, and doesn't leave you feeling greasy. That solid grip on your fishing rod will not be compromised. 


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