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Ladies... you may have heard of our flagship Minnesota Wood product line. It's certainly a favorite among the men (and even some women!) We've found, however, that most women prefer the wood on their men and wanted something a little more gentle and feminine for themselves.

We've created these fabulous products just for you.
Simple products, limited ingredients - smart choices!
Bean All Over
Made with Real Vanilla Bean
It's like swimming in chocolate chip cookie dough, only better!
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Bare Naked
Gentle. Plain. Simple.
This 7-ingredient wonder is a great staple for the entire family.
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White Ginger
Refreshing and Crisp.
This baby will leave you feeling a little wild and unironed... a summer breeze blowing through your hair.
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Royal Almond
Nutty with a Hint of Citrus
Body butter with a hearty moisture that won't leave you feeling as though you're covered in a sludge. An equally delicious body wash. Go on... get a little nutty!
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Limited Ingredients
Only the good stuff... no fluff, no fuss.

Formulating Simple Choices
Life is chaotic enough. Your body products shouldn't be.
Family Owned
Small batch quality.

Recyclable Packaging
Aluminum lotion bottles and caps are 100% recyclable.
Questions? Let us know.
You'll get a personal response. Pinky swear!
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