Mothers Day Gift Ideas - Dirty Knees Soap Co., LLC
Mother's Day Gift Ideas
She's SOOOO worth it.
Bean All Over
Mom will love the real, warm vanilla scent and light moisture.
White Ginger Body Wash
Lovely in the shower or as a luscious bubble bath.
Royal Almond Body Butter
Women go nuts over this product. Seriously. Nuts!
White Ginger Gift Set
Double trouble, probably not unlike the trouble you caused Mom at one time or another. Isn't it time you made it up to her?
White Ginger Lotion
The light scent and texture may leave her feeling a little wild and unironed, yet remarkably refreshed!
Bare Naked Bar Soap
Only the basics.
Bare Naked Lotion
Gentle. Plain. Simple. 
Limited Ingredients
Only the good stuff... no fluff, no fuss.

Recycled Packaging
Recycled kraft paper boxes.
Family Owned
Small batch quality.

Palm Oil Free
We like orangutans and prefer their habitat remain intact!
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