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The Bourbon Show Bundle

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The Bourbon Show hosts' favorite products.

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Sandra A.
Love my Dirty Knees!

Opened the box, and a lovely fragrance wafted out. I knew these products were special. Love how my skin feels after showering, smooth and silky, refreshingly clean and lightly scented. And the Bean All Over Body Cream completes the soothing of my formerly dry skin. Dirty Knees has a great line-up of products, and I am one of their newest fans!

Evan H.
Kernel Approved!

I used to shower only once per week, and the cheap soaps I was using left my skin dry and itchy. Thanks to DIRTY KNEES SOAP CO I have doubled and in some cases even tripled the number of times I shower and my skin is as soft and smooth as lake Minnetonka on a cool summer's morn. BARE ***** or get the heck out.

Steve A.
Get Your Bourbon Show Bundle!

These are the absolute favorite items of the team. Purchasing these items are not only a way to support the show, it's a great way to pick up some excellent items that you will absolutely love. Evan, Kaitlyn and I can't say enough good things about the quality of the offerings from Dirty Knees Soap. The Minnesota Wood and Bare ***** bar soaps along with the Bean All Over lotion are the perfect items to get your cleaned up and ready to take on your day. The best part about all of this is not only are the products the highest quality, the people behind them are as well. Heidi and Pete Danos are fantastic people and we are proud to be affiliated with them. Buy the Bourbon Show Bundle today!

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