About Us

The Origins...

Dirt. That's how it all started.

Years ago, I tried my hand at vegetable gardening. I failed miserably. That hasn't stopped me from enjoying other outdoor, dirty chores. In my free time, I create art. Again... messy. I had twins (self-explanatory). Have you ever lived through a Minnesota Spring with two active dogs? Oh, the mud. 

When my kids were babies, I had an inkling to create my own bar soap. After all, everything in the marketplace was either saturated with chemicals I couldn't pronounce, or – in the case of handmade soap – it "melted" into a pile of goo. 

Well... ta da!! I did it. Our bars contain less than 10 ingredients, do not contain palm oil, and hold their shape down to the last little sliver. 

Per customer request we have since expanded our product line to include lotions, body butters, beard and hair products, gifts, and more. We take our customers' feedback seriously. After all, without them... 

Well, that's our story. We look forward to welcoming you into our Dirty Knees family with open (and clean) arms. And, with a pair of former customer care professionals heading up the place you you can be assured that your satisfaction is always our top priority! 


The Story Continues...

March 10, 2023

We loved it so much we bought it!
A few years back we bought a bar of amazing soap (Minnesota Wood) in Jeff's home town of International Falls, Minnesota. I was excited to support both the shop owner (Swanky Gifts on Rainy) as well a Minnesota based small business. When we returned home we ordered more and often gave bars of soap as gifts to friends and family. When I received the email that the brand was going to be retired we immediately ordered 15 bars of soap but also emailed back to see if they would be willing to sell, not really expecting a response. However, when they did, things just fell into place as if it was just meant to be. We are excited to continue offering the same great products and more while still offering the same high level of customer care that you have become accustomed to. 
We feel privileged and excited to continue the Dirty Knees Soap Co. story.